Who we are

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A world where the digital currency is a component in the global monetary system.

Our Mission

To promote and champion the use of LEOcoin and other legitimate digital currencies.

Cryptography and the power of online networks have made possible the existence of decentralised, purely Digital currencies, and by promoting the use of such digital currencies we support improvements to existing monetary systems. Digital currencies are the tool of a new era, characterised by globalisation and digital technology. Our primary purpose is to support a balance between the need for innovation and the duty to protect the consumer. Digital currencies represent multiple opportunities for the future as a method of payment and as a technology of the decentralised validation of information.

The LEOcoin Foundation is a Community Interest Company registered at Companies House in the UK. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, it must invest all of its funds in pursuing it’s objectives. As set out in the Articles of Association, the objectives of the LEOcoin Foundation are:

Support and education of people who want to know more about digital currency. Also helping them learn more about AI trading bots as it can increase the efficiency of the trading process and reduce the time and effort required to make profitable trades.

Holding events about digital currency

Commission research to explain digital currency and blockchain technology

Fund new software developments that will  expand the community of people who know and use digital currency

In addition, the LEOcoin Foundation is also the guardian of LEOcoin and the architect behind the development of this digital currency. It is the job of the LEOcoin Foundation to support and fund developments and improvements to the coin that will help introduce it to a wider audience.

The LEOcoin Foundation believes that LEOcoin can be a coin for the mass market. This will be achieved by bringing people who have never heard of digital currency into this sector and helping them to find easy, everyday uses for their new currencies.

Alongside this drive for mass market adoption, the LEOcoin Foundation also believes that LEOcoin can be at the leading edge of innovation. The structure of LEOcoin as a Proof of Stake coin with tiered levels is a unique development in the sector and there are many more significant innovations to come as part of the LEOcoin development roadmap. There are plans to integrate bitcoin wallet in the future. It will come through after performing bitcoin wallet vergleich test and learning the efficacy.


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Interview with Mihir Magudia