Who We Are

Board of Directors

Dan Anderson


Dan is co-founder of Learning Enterprises Organisation Limited (LEO) which provides education and skills development for entrepreneurs. He was quick to recognize that one of the barriers to entrepreneurs in growing their businesses is the high transaction costs demanded by financial intermediaries such as banks, card and payment providers. Since 2013 he has been championing the development of Digital currencies as a solution to this problem.

Bernard Landi


Bernard is a Finance Director for a number of multi-national firms in the Advertising, and Direct Marketing sectors. He also advises clients in Media, Adertising, Public Relations, Online and Digital Media Agencies; many having links in the USA, and Asia.

Mihir Magudia

Executive Director

Mihir has a strong track record of working with major global brands. He has helped them to raise their profile, influence the future shape of their markets and ensure that they are at the heart of political discussions. He is passionate about disruptive technology and the potential to change the way global business operates. With a decade of experience in communications, Mihir’s role at LEOcoin Foundation is to oversee external relations and help to raise the profile of LEOcoin across the world. In particular he is responsible for LEOcoin Foundation’s relationships with the global media and national Governments.

The Team

Marios Mamzeris

LEOcoin Ecosystem Development

Marios holds an MBA & MIB and a bachelor’s degree in systems analysis. He has also acquired certificates (with distinction), from Michigan, Rice and M.I.T. universities in US and is certified in Managing Stock Portfolios from the Greek Stock Market.

He started his career as an Assistant Instructor in Computer Science when he was 19. He continued as a Computer Analyst for few years but soon got involved in Finance and Money markets.

He has excellent work exposure in Forex companies, Insurances, Mutual Funds and Stock Markets in various areas like Team management, Customer Support training, Technical Analysis & Trading, Sales & Portfolio Management.

Marios took major part in the design of LEOxChange and the regulations that govern it, long before it’s official launch in Hong Kong April 2nd 2015. From early 2016, his duties have expanded to assist in LEOcoin Ecosystem Development.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members will meet annually with the LEOcoin Foundation Board to discuss funding decisions and future direction of travel of the LEOcoin Foundation.

Every six months, one member of the LEOcoin Foundation Advisory Board will be elected by members to become a co-opted member of the LEOcoin Foundation Advisory Board with full voting rights for a period of six months.

The LEOcoin Foundation Advisory Board will meet four times a year.

Elections to the LEOcoin Foundation Advisory Board will be held every twelve months. The LEOcoin Foundation Advisory Board will consist of ten members.

LEOcoin Enthusiasts

Ursa Zivkovic

Leocoin is special in it’s design – to be the cryptocurrency of choice for entrepreneurs. Merchant marketplace and global support of tens of thousands of people in over 200 countries enables LEOcoin to evolve into a trusted coin with huge potential.

Imran Akber

LEOcoin has learned from the experiences of the trailblazing digital currencies. As a result the technical infrastructure is superior to the others that exist today. With the commitment the LEOcoin community is showing I’m sure it will maintain its market leading position.

Bill Togkas

LEOcoin is based on a rock solid foundation of trust.
It gives opportunities to people who would not otherwise have them.

Armin Schneider

I believe in the near future more and more entrepreneurs and ordinary people will use crypto currencies for payments. Globalization is on everyone’s lips. And because of my worldwide organisation I know, how complicated, protracted, and expensive it is to transfer money to other countries, especially overseas and to other continents. I love to support LEOcoin because this crypto currency sets the standards in this industry. It’s the most transparent, secure, and user friendly currency. It’s designed to make our life a little bit easier. And it’s fulfilling all regulations that will be set by the governments. It’s the currency of choice for everyone.